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What is bufotenin (Bufo vulgaris)?

Bufotenine (Bufotenin) is a toxin discovered in the secretions of the toad Bufo vulgaris. 1 Also, bufotenin is found in other organisms like frogs, plants, mammals, and mushrooms. Although the compounds have similar names, bufotenin should not be confused with bufotenidine, another toxin.
Bufotenin (5-OH-DMT), is a tryptamine related to the neurotransmitter serotonin.
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Is Bufotenin a hallucinogenic?

A hallucinogenic serotonin analog found in frog or toad skins, mushrooms, higher plants, and mammals, especially in the brains, plasma, and urine of schizophrenics.
Furthermore, Bufotenin has been used as a tool in CNS studies and misused as a psychedelic. What is Bufotenine Drug
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